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Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in Huyton, Liverpool

For more information about the Self Defence classes, Prices, times etc please click HERE

Terry has been teaching Martial Arts & Fitness classes for over 30 years in Huyton, Liverpool. In my Martial Arts & Fitness Classes we use a mixture of the most effective techniques from Kick boxing, Thai Boxing, Boxing and Ju-Jitsu.

This is a Self Defence club and not a Fighting club, you will not get hurt or have to fight anybody.

Terry has studied all the above disciplines in my 40 years of martial arts experience and combined them into one complete Martial Art & Fitness class.

The club has students ranging from 14 to over 60s male & females and we cater for the unfit, fit or very fit. Why not lose weight, tone up and learn to protect yourself and your family at the same time?

The class is well known in Huyton, Liverpool for Martial Arts, Terry has a British Title in kicking boxing, a Black Belt in Ju Jitsu which Terry studied for over 15 years and Terry was also an amateur boxer.

Terry is offering all new members 1 week of free lessons so you can really see what the club is about and experience the many positive benefits you will achieve by joining our Martial Arts and Fitness classes.

Over the years 30 students have obtained their Black Belts and the club is a member of Nippon Dai Budo Kai, one of the largest and most recognised Governing bodies in Great Britain. All instructors are insured and NDBK qualified.

The students at my Martial Art Classes are well disciplined and highly focused. They are motivated by praise and encouragement rather than by pressure or fear of failure..

The Gym has plenty of room, loads of equipment, punch bags, Kick pads, showers etc- You have nothing to lose but lots to gain.

If you want to either learn to defend yourself and your family, lose weight, tone up, gain more confidence & self esteem then our club is the one for you.

For the un-fit, fit and very fit, beginners and previous members welcome.

***Dont pre-judge, pop in, have a look, then your first week is FREE!!***

The class is held in Brin’s Gym at King George V Sports Complex, Longview Lane Huyton. L36 7UN

Class times: Tuesday & Thursday 7.30 to 9.00pm with Free Parking

Any concerns or questions please call Terry on 0793 134 0906.

For more information about the Self Defence classes, Prices, times etc please click HERE